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Discover contemporary
art and sculpture across
35 acres
51 Sandy Pond Rd., Lincoln, MA 01773,
(top photo) Sol LeWitt, Tower (DC), 1989-2009, concrete block and mortar,15’ 11 5/8” x 4’7 5/8” x
4’7 5/8”, Courtesy of Barbara Krakow Gallery, Boston, MA and The Estate of Sol LeWitt and funded by
Museum supporters at the 2008 deCordova Annual Benefit. (bottom photo) Vito Acconci, Instant
House, 1980, flags, wood, springs, ropes, and pulleys, 96 x 60 x 60 in. (closed); 96 x 252 x 252 in.
(open), Collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, Museum purchase, © Vito Acconci
1980, Photography by Scotland Huber.
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