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WalthamWest Suburban Chamber of Commerce ~ 781-894-4700
Dear Waltham Residents and Guests,
The WalthamWest Suburban Chamber of Commerce is proud to serve our members and
surrounding communities. We are pleased to provide this Restaurant and Visitors Guide as a
valuable resource. Before you spend your dollars out of town, please consider the many wonderful
businesses we have right here in Waltham.
Why patronize locally owned Waltham businesses? Because supporting local businesses has a
profound impact on our local economy. In fact, research strongly indicates that buying locally is
literally the life blood of a community – buying inWaltham keeps Waltham alive.When you spend
your dollars locally, you are investing in your community. Local businesses hire local residents, pay
local taxes, support many local organizations and charities, and many local business owners reside
right here in our City.
So Support Your Local Businesses And Help Waltham Thrive!
The Chamber strives to accomplish many goals. We are an advocate and resource for local
businesses, we are a community partner and we are focused on economic development. Most
importantly, we are strongly committed to supporting and promoting buying locally. This allows
our businesses to thrive and proudly fundWaltham City traditions like the annual Holiday Lighting,
Waltham Holiday Prelude, HistoricWaltham Month,Waltham Restaurant Week, and the honoring
of Waltham’s outstanding citizens, to mention just a few.
To become a member of the Chamber or to fnd out more about our
organization, please visit our website at
John Peacock, Executive Director
WalthamWest Suburban Chamber of Commerce
Waltham West Suburban
Chamber of Commerce
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Chamber Profles and Indie Owned have published similar profle-based publications for the following business
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